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 Wednesday 1pm-5pm

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Alison Moore is a credentialed Mental Health Nurse and Holistic Counsellor. Alison has qualifications in the following:

With more than four decades as a Mental Health Nurse in the United Kingdom and in Australia, Alison is well aware of the 'obstacles' we might unconsciously create that keep us stuck, preventing us from moving forward with life. Over the years she has assisted her clients overcome fear, self doubt and resistance, that prevent them leading a life full of purpose and meaning.

Holistic Counselling will offer:

  • Practical advice and emotional support to people who are struggling with decision making

  • Emotional support for people with low levels of anxiety and depression

  • Advice about health eating, dietary advice with weight loss

  • Empower clients to create their personal and/or professional goals, working togeather to break down barriers to success and happiness.


Alison can be accessed through

  • Chronic Disease Management Plan, item number 10956 (this can be accessed through a GP Referral)


  • By Private Consultation


  • A government funded program called Psychological Therapy Services through the Western Region Primary Health Network. People are able to access up to 10 free, 45 minute sessions.