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Bellarine Foot and Ankle Clinic in Portarlington has moved to

Portarlington Allied Health Group 28-30 Brown St, Portarlington.

Please ring 5259-1537 or 5250-5902 for an appointment.


The Leopold Clinic is still at

15 Ferguson Rd Leopold.

Please ring 52505902 for an appointment.

Podiatry Hours


Monday       9am - 6pm

Tuesday      1pm - 5pm

Wednesday 1pm - 6pm

Thursday     9am - 5pm

Friday          9am - 5pm


Tuesday        8am - 12am

Wednesday  8am - 12am

          Thursday     8am - 5pm

          Saturday      8am - 2pm

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and work of art

Leonardo Di Vinci

Adapting to your health care needs

Adaptive Health Full Logo.jpg

  Adaptive Integrated

Health Centre

15 Ferguson Rd

Leopold, 3224



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Chris Williams


Founder of Adaptive Integrated Health and principal podiatrist of Bellarine Foot and Ankle Clinic Chris has been working on the Bellarine Peninsula for the past 10 years. He brings a wealth of experience working in both the public and private sectors. Passionate about collaborative and personalised care, Chris is particuarly interested in Diabetes, pediatrics and lower extremity sports injuries.


Adaptive Integrated Health Centre’s podiatrists are university qualified health professionals who specialise in diagnosing, treating and preventing foot or foot related problems. Podiatrists treat people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. Our podiatrists have many years experience and complete ongoing training and education to keep up to date on how best to care for your feet.




Flat feet or high arches

Feet that roll or turn in/out

Nail problems such as in grown or fungal toe nails

Skin conditions including corns and hard skin.

Heel pain

Sore and Aching feet

Sports Injuries 

Ankle Sprains

Shin splints or knee pain


Stress fractures and broken foot bones

Children’s feet e.g. toe walking, pigeon toed

Foot deformities

Diabetes assessments 

Wound Management

Orthotics and arch supports 

Footwear advice

Nail Surgery 

Chris Williams Bellarine Foot Ankle Clinic
Bellarine Foot Ankle Clinic
Chris Williams Podiatrist
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